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About Us

The Family Behind the Business


Meet Jen (Co-Owner)

Jen has loved baking since learning as a child from Ann, in high school she would take cupcakes into her classes to practice new flavours and decorations. From leaving school she studied an art foundation course and went on to train as a makeup artist, still baking in her free time. While working as a makeup artist, Jen went to work as a barista and discovered her love of the hospitality industry. She moved to being the manager of the café and organised events and also baked celebration cakes for her friends and family. After four years at this café, Jen decided to team up with Ann to open their own Café and Cake Design shop

Meet Ann (Co-Owner)

Ann was a nurse for over 30 years but has enjoyed baking since she was a child. In 2012, Ann’s son, Chris, asked her to design his wedding cake and her love for cake design has grown ever since, she continued as a hobby baker and attended hundreds of classes and workshops with cake designers while working full time as a nurse but always had the dream of opening her own business, she has had to wait until she could retire to leave nursing but we are both very excited to finally be opening our shop in Morpeth.


Meet Chris 

Chris has worked in this industry for 15 years and has entered several barista competitions with success (even making it onto Look North news when he was much younger), and makes a fantastic cup of coffee. Come and see for yourself. If you want to know anything about coffee then he is the one to speak to. He is a true coffee geek and has a solid working knowledge of speciality tea from his time with Pumphrey's, and working with companies such as Ringtons and Estate Teas.

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